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You have loved the FASTer Way lifestyle and are ready to take the next step!  

What is VIP?

The VIP Membership is the next step for FASTer Way veterans.  Not only will you develop a deeper understanding of health and nutrition, you will have access to more trainings, more workouts, the meal guides you know and love, and the accountability that keeps you supported and motivated to continue your journey!  Our community is growing more than ever and you are invited! 


What you will get:

  • Support and daily accountability from me and the FASTer Way community.  You will have access to me in my small accountability group as well as the FASTer Way community group with over 23,000 members.

  • LIVE workouts and an entire digital studio full of workouts in our brand new app.  

  • Monthly Challenges 

  • Weekly/daily Meal Guides and recipes in our app.

  • Access to head trainers/nutritionists for one on one support.

  • Live group calls and training from experts in the field

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