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Why You Need Strength Training!

Did you know that nutrition and strength training will have a much more profound impact on fat loss than cardio?!

I'll say it again: Strength training is more important than cardio for FAT LOSS.


1. Burns calories

2. Increases strength

3. Builds muscle

4. Raises metabolism for 24-48 hours.

5. Completely changes body composition

I’m not hating on cardio. I love cardio. And there are many benefits to cardio... including heart health! But, you need to check in on what your goals are if you think that you need to do hours of cardio to get results... because that’s simply not true.

I can get incredible results by doing a solid 30-40 min strength workout and 20 minutes of steady state cardio than I can get from spending 2 hours running. Not to mention... completely reshaping my body and getting more toned. Oh... and avoiding injury!!! (I laugh because I used to be that cardio junkie always injured)...

So the next question I get is, which one first? Cardio or strength training? Well, it depends on your goals. If you are training for an endurance event, do your running/biking (Cardio) first because that is what your focus is and that is where you need the most energy to complete your workout. If your goal is fat loss or to gain more strength, you need to do your strength training first. That way you have the energy to to get through the strength workout.

If you need more guidance on building a solid strength routine, reach out to me. The FASTer Way is what opened my eyes to strength training and the value of it! It wasn't until I incorporated a solid strength routine that I finally saw some pretty amazing body composition changes.

Here are some of my favorite leg moves to build solid lower body strength to keep me running injury free!

Top Leg Moves Guide
Download PDF • 2.43MB

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